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Why Do Some People Need Braces and Others Do Not?

Why Do Some People Need Braces and Others Do Not?

The answer to the question why do some people need braces while others do not is because when the second teeth come in they do not always have enough room, in these cases the child will have teeth that are not aligned properly. In this case it is suggested that they have braces put on their teeth and treatments by an orthodontist until the problem is corrected. In many cases it can also be the shape of the face that will determine if braces will be needed, a person with a long face often does not have a proper bite. This is also true with a child that sucks their thumb; this can cause the second teeth to not align properly.

what are bracesNot every person needs braces and this is because some people have the proper amount of room needed for the second set of teeth to come in which will last all through the adult years when taken care of and with regular dental visits.

The person that has crowded teeth, an open bite, a cross bite or any other problems with the alignment will have dental problems and tooth decay without braces.

It is important when there is a dental problem for it to be taken care of by a dentist before it begins to hurt the patient; the same is true for the person that needs braces. Braces not only change the facial appearance, they also correct problems with the teeth that in time can cause problems such as TMJ or improper wearing of teeth. It is also a possibility for this person to have gum infections and other related problems, since the teeth can not be cleaned properly and are not aligned.

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