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Get Braces On Only Top Or Bottom Teeth

Is It Possible To Get Braces On Only The Top Teeth or The Bottom Teeth?

It is possible in some situations to have braces on just the bottom or top set of teeth depending on the alignment or bite problem. If the braces are being placed on the teeth in order to straighten out crooked teeth on either the top or bottom and the teeth will align correctly. There are some people that have crowding on the bottom teeth that can be aligned without bracing the top as well as some that have crowed top teeth that can be straightened by only bracing the top teeth.

Braces For Upper And Lower TeethThe orthodontist is properly trained to know what teeth will need to have braces and in some cases even teeth on the top or the bottom will still need braces. This is because putting braces on the teeth that are crowded will change the alignment as they are moved into the proper places. It is not only making the perfect smile that the orthodontist is looking at, it is also the proper alignment and the proper bite that is important. Teeth are straight can still have alignment problems that will later become painful because there is stress placed on the jaw. This can result in problems like TMJ and difficulty in chewing and in overall dental health. Ultimately only an orthodontist will know if one set of teeth can be braced while the other set is not, because they have a full understanding of bite patterns and alignments and they will also have the x-rays of the teeth.

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