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Does It Take Long To Get Braces?

Does It Take Long To Get Braces?

Having braces put on the teeth to correct an alignment problem is a process that will take more than one visit to the orthodontist, the first visit will be to evaluate the problem and take x-rays of the teeth and on this visit there will be an impression taken of the teeth. At this time it is also possible that spacers, will be placed on the back teeth to prepare them for having the braces placed on them within approximately two weeks. Spacers are a type of rubber bands that are used.

How Long Does It Take To Get BracesWhen braces are placed on the teeth there is a process that is different for different types of braces and no matter which kind of braces are put on the teeth some of the process is the same. In most cases it will take a few hours to have braces placed on the teeth. Most of the time the braces are being placed on the teeth the mouth will be held in an open position, this will be for quite a long amount of time. Depending on the type of alignment problem it is possible the braces will be placed on the top and then on the next visit they will be placed on the bottom teeth.

When the braces are placed on the teeth an archwire is then attached to the braces, this wire is what will be adjusted to make the teeth move into proper alignment until the braces are ready to be taken off the teeth.

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