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Can I Be Allergic To The Material Braces Are Made From?

Can I Be Allergic To The Material Braces Are Made From?

It is possible to have a reaction to some of the materials in braces; however there is an easy cure for this and that is because there are different types of braces that have different materials.

Allergy To BracesOne of the materials that are known to be offensive to some people is nickel, for some people this can cause an allergic reaction and is one of the common materials that is used in braces. For a person that has an allergy to nickel there are braces that can be used that do not have nickel as part of the materials.

Nickel is used in the arch wire and for patients that are allergic to this the arch wire that will be used will be made out of titanium as well as the brackets. Then there is no worry of having an allergic reaction that can include things like sores in the mouth.

For many years now braces have been considered a medical device and as such they are regulated and the materials they are made from to make them safe. This of course does not make them allergy free, but since there are braces that have different materials and this even includes the types of plastic used a proper set of braces can be found for any patient. Having the alignment or bite problem fixed does not mean that it cannot be allergy free because it has already been considered as a problem and other materials used in the manufacture of braces.

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